Big Devil # 2 Auto
Seedbank: Sweet Seeds
CUP WINNER - Auto del A;o / Soft Secrets / High Life Cup > 2014 > 1st

Sweet Seeds Big Devil # 2 - Autoflowering
Thought there was no way to improve on the first Big Devil Autoflowering cannabis seeds? Well think again. Big Devil # 2 autoflowerer is here and it's bigger than ever.  As a genetic evolution of its predecessor, Big Devil #2 Autoflowering cannabis seeds have something for everyone. High THC levels and supporting CBD strength make this strain ideal for growing medical marijuana, while their productivity and fast flowering time ensures even those that don't like to wait around will find the patience to wait for these babies to grow. And when these seeds do grow you can expect taller plants, more flowers and more resin than even the first strain of Big Devil Autoflowerer was able to produce. And still there is no dilution of flavour or effect. The smoke is full and rounded with a hint of spice from the Skunk heritage and the effect is still pure and strong giving you an uplifting high that will combat stress, tension and anxiety without putting you to sleep. 
If you loved Big Devil or simply want to try some incredibly fast growing autoflowering cannabis seeds, put some Big Devil # 2 autoflowering in your basket. You will be glad you did.

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  • 1 Seed Per Pack €9.99
  • 3 Seeds Per Pack €24.99
  • 5 Seeds Per Pack €41.49
  • 10 Seeds Per Pack €82.99
  • 15 Seeds Per Pack €122.99
  • 20 Seeds Per Pack €161.99
  • 25 Seeds Per Pack €198.99
  • 30 Seeds Per Pack €236.99
  • 35 Seeds Per Pack €270.99
Big Devil # 2 Auto Specs
  • GenderFeminized
  • PhotoperiodAuto Flowering
  • CultivationIndoor & Outdoor
  • CharacteristicsMore productive and more aromatic than its previous version
  • Outdoor Yield300 gr/Per Plant
  • Minimum Yield400 gr/m2
  • Indoor Yield600 gr/m2
  • Flowering Time63 Days
  • Height100 - 150 cm
  • Aroma / Taste Sweet aromas with hints of incense and Skunk.

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